About us

Focused on staff and strong in negotiations

The NAV works pragmatically and objectively on behalf of the rights and interests of its members and provides advice on issues in the workplace. We are a constructive and reliable social partner and have a solution-oriented approach. The NAV supports and promotes the codetermination rights of Novartis employees by entering into appropriate agreements. The NAV's capability and expertise place it in a strong negotiating position.

The NAV has the legal form of an association, which ensures the sustainability of the NAV and the balanced services it provides to its members.


The Novartis Employees' Association:

  • is open for all employees in all divisions of Novartis in Switzerland

  • represents the labor political and economic interest of his members and all Novartis Employees in general vis-à-vis the Novartis Management and to exterior parties

  • supports the rights of cooperation for Novartis Employees by agreements and the nomination of Candidates for several Committees an Councils

  • informs via internet by its own homepage (www.nav.ch) and the company independent magazine "info"

  • offers very attractive services and benefits for its members



The statutes define how the association is to present itself to the public as an organisation.

Basic agreement

There is a basic agreement in place between Novartis companies and NAV.


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Opening hours:

Due to the exceptional situation: Appointments by arrangement.


Novartis Angestelltenverband

Novartis Campus, Forum 1

WSJ-200.P.84 / Postfach

4002 Basel

Tel: +41 (0)61 697 39 00

E-Mail: nav.nav@novartis.com