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Membership for External & Temporary


External & Temporary

CHF 99.– per calendar year (excluding labor law and social security legal protection) *

Employees of the Basel Rheintalwerke who work indirectly or directly for the Novartis company can apply for membership as so-called "Zugewandte Personen". "Associated persons" can use the services and benefits in accordance with Article 2, Item 8 of the Articles of Association. All other membership rights, in particular the right to vote, vote and have a say, are excluded from the “associated persons”.

*Pflichtfeld / *mandatory field


The membership is continued on an ongoing basis until a written cancellation. A member may resign in writing (by e-mail or letter) at any time. Membership is valid until the end of the calendar year.

By applying I authorize NAV to use my data exclusively for association purposes in accordance with the bylaws. Further information from bylaws.

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