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With the support of our members across all functional levels, departments, and sites the Novartis Employees Association (NAV) was enabled to achieve multiple success stories and milestones over the past 25 years.

​To further continue making your voice heard we need your support as a NAV member.  




Social partnership successes

When it comes to internal labour-related issues, social partnership is one of the most important pillars. The employee representation (IPV) is composed of elected associates in the individual (EAV) and collective employment contract (GAV). Currently are 12 out of 13 employee representatives (PV-A) members of the NAV board and technical experts.

The Board of Trustees of the Novartis Pension Fund 1 & 2 is composed of employer and employee representatives which in the current period of office (1.1.2020 - 31.12.2024) consist mainly of NAV Executive Board members on the employee side.

4 members of the employee representation (IPV) are currently representing Switzerland as country at the Novartis Euroforum (NEF). 3 delegates are members of the NAV board. More information about the NEF can be found here.

Find here more information on success stories of our social partnership.

Dialogue with the Novartis management

An open, direct, and honest dialogue is the foundation of a good social partnership. It’s our aim to nourish the connection to the Novartis management and placing the employee’s concerns at the right level. 

Here you will find interviews with various members of the Novartis management.


Feedback and experience of our members are precious to us. Discover here how the NAV successfully supported its members on various topics.

Feel free to share your experience with us at or reach out to one of our board members.

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