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Basler Kantonalbank


Benefit from the savings potential at Basler Kantonalbank

There is no time limit to your savings with BKB


​As part of our partnership with BKB, you benefit from attractive preferential conditions. And the more services you purchase through the bank, the greater your cost advantage. BKB will be happy to advise you and support you according to your needs. On the BKB website you can see exactly what conditions await you:

Free basic services
You receive basic products and services for payments
and savings from a single source and free for an
indefinite period.

Goal based consulting
Our client advisors are available for all your financial
questions in every phase of life
and wherever you wish:
at your premises, in one of our branches or conveniently
by video conference.

Exclusive investment benefits
You receive a 20 % reduction on the regular price of the
fee for the advisory custody account and the all in fees for
the asset management mandates.

FX special rate:
Benefit from a 50 % discount on regular exchange rate

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