Your Rights

Your rights - Labor law and social security insurance coverage

Procedure for legal advice

1. An expert group consisting of NAV board members is available to advise the individual association members on the assertion of rights arising from the employment relationship, and at the request of the member, to join discussions with superiors and P&O (support and intervention function).

Tel. office +41 61 697 39 00


2. There is also the possibility that the group of experts can forward your request to the law firm Ertl & Tschudi Rechtsanwälte.

3. AXA-ARAG will bear any legal costs incurred.

Further support

Through the membership with the arb umbrella association, NAV members can benefit from a free 30-minute advice on all topics

Benefit from the attractive legal protection insurance

Members residing in Switzerland

AXA-ARAG offers its official product "OPTIMA" as standard for all NAV members with all existing conditions and benefits or in some cases even upgraded services. For the price of CHF 199.- (for non-members CHF 430.-) you can sign up for this legal protection insurance directly with AXA-ARAG. To do so, you must register directly with the insurance application. You are then insured according to the information provided by AXA-ARAG.


NAV membership fees:


Option A:

CHF 99.00.- / year for active members including labor law and social security legal protection and option for individual, additional legal expenses insurance «RSVPI» at CHF 199 .- / year

Option B:

CHF 59.00.- / year for retirees including labor law and social security legal protection and option for individual additional legal protection insurance «RSVPI» at CHF 199 .- / year


Option C:

CHF 39.- / year for retirees without legal protection insurance and without employment and insurance legal protection

Members residing in Germany

Thanks to your NAV membership you can additionally conclude an advantageous legal protection insurance with ROLAND Rechtsschutz privat with attractive preferential conditions.

If you would like to benefit from this offer, please contact Mr. Emre Hacan of AXA-ARAG (NAV and ROLAND Rechtsschutz-Partner: Tel. +41 58 215 32 75 / Email:

Members residing in France

AXA-ARAG Mulhouse