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Wanted - get involved into the NAV helper pool

Dear NAV member


It is with great pleasure and motivation that we would like to thank for your trust placed in us through election to the Board of the Novartis Employees Association for a further tenure. Particularly in times of change and challenges it is important to act as a community and increasingly stand up for the interests of those who depend on fair working conditions.


With this letter we would like to spark your energy and encourage you to become actively involved in within the NAV. We stand up for the rights and interests of Novartis employees and to achieve this, we organize various activities for which we are dependent on support.

To further meet our pledge, we intend to expand the NAV Board with a team of committed members.


An important goal for the newly confirmed Board is to build up a “pool of helpers”. This pool should consist of NAV members who are willing to support campaigns and events organized by the employees' association. This includes, e.g. stand campaigns where we inform associates about our goals but also recruiting new members. If you enjoy communicating, talking to people or have organizational skills, your support would be immensely valuable.


This year we organize a summer party to provide our members opportunity to come together and share experiences. Also, here we welcome members who are willing to help organize and run this party. As part of our association, you can play an active role and strengthen the community plus make an important contribution to networking.


We are looking for committed members who are interested in taking on roles such as members of the Board of Directors, staff representatives or members of the Novartis Pension Fund Board of Trustees. This is a good opportunity to get to know the work of the association and to recruit future election candidates to further strengthen our voice.


Attracting new members is another area where we need support. With your cooperation, we can strengthen the association and continue to achieve our commitments. You have the opportunity to recruit new members, raise awareness and also make new contacts.


Does the idea of supporting us and strengthening the NAV on a voluntary basis resonate with you?


Then please get in touch with Nicole Tribelhorn,


Interested members will be welcome to an informal, non-binding meeting where more detailed information about this pool and its role will be provided.


We are looking forward to receiving your feedback.


The NAV Board




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