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25 years Novartis Employees Association

25 years of interesting and in-depth work. A plethora of different memories of a wonderful as

well as a difficult, exciting and challenging period.

1997 – the year of decisions


The delegates of the Sandoz In-House Association agree to join the NAV.

Spring 1997

Meeting at Bad Schauenburg: the presidents and vice presidents of all the subassociations

within the two companies lay the foundation for a joint, forward-looking social partnership at Novartis.


The delegates of the Novartis Employees Association at Ciba-Geigy admit the two Sandoz

representatives HVS and ASA.


The General Meeting of the Sandoz Academic Association (ASA) confirms joining the NAV.


First elections to the Novartis Employee Representative Council. KATHRIN AMACKER takes over as Chairperson.

1998 – things really start moving!


On the occasion of the last delegates meeting of the transitional organization, the old professional associations dissolve themselves and from then on emerge as the unified

Novartis Employees Association NAV. ALEX GASSER becomes the first President.


ALEX GASSER heads the Novartis Employees Association NAV for the first 8 years and

establishes contacts and connections with company representatives. Both parties are convinced that mutual acceptance among the social partners will promote a uniform human resources policy supported by all employees, which is why the company concludes an agreement in principle with the employees’ association. This agreement in principle precisely defines the rights and obligations of the employees’ association. (It can be viewed on the NAV website.)

Under the leadership of ALEX GASSER, the NAV develops into a strong negotiating

body for employees in this new environment.

The employee representation consists of representatives from the NAV and Unia (Novartis internal: called indipendent alliance). The NAV is mainly represented in the employee representation for (PV-A) employees. However only a few of its members populate the representation for employees with a collective employment contract (PVGAV). In contrast to the employees’ association where the management is elected by its members at the Annual General Meeting, elections for employee representatives take place every 4 years and all employees with an individual employment contract (management excluded) or a collective employment contract are eligible to vote.


The NAV wins the PV-A elections with 7 out of 11 seats and KATHRIN AMACKER takes over the Chair of the PV-A employee representation again. In the elections to the board of trustees of the pension fund (on the employee side), the NAV wins 3 of 7 seats, including that of vice presidency.


In these elections, the NAV wins the majority of seats on the pension fund’s board of trustees on the employee side, but is defeated by the “independent alliance” in the elections to the PV-A employees’ representative body.


In 2007, the NAV succeeded in winning a landslide victory in the elections for the PV-A

employee representatives (for employees with an individual employee contract), and HENRIETTE BRUNNER was able to take over the Chair in this committee as well.



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